Project Home Page

The project home page displays high-level course elements and offers access to the content and tools. Users' assigned role in a project determines their view of the project home page. 

Project Home Page

project_home_page.PNGCourse title, description, and a tally of high-level course elements

The main panel allows users to:

Note: Those with a Reviewer role do not have the option to change the project title or add a description.

The Project Menu

The Smart Author project menu, located on the left side of the page, is always available from any location while in Smart Author:


Publish appears only if it has been enabled for your publisher account.


All versions of project content in this project (e.g., Biology for Majors, Biology for Non-majors)


Pages, dynamic media, citations, glossary

Skill Graph

Skill tag, competencies, learning goals, learning objectives, skills


Images labeled, appended with accessibility information, and catalogued


Activities, question pools, adaptive assignments, process assignments, hand-in assignments, rubrics


Collection of all comments left by team members and end users (role-dependent)


Create and access Readiness Reports


The Navigation Bar and Banner

Navigate to other areas of the Acrobatiq ecosystem, access account info, or change the project's banner image.

On the course home page, click the Profile icon at the top right to expose a drop-down menu to access your profile and other useful tools.

Click the image icon in the top-right corner of the banner to change the background banner. Recommended banner size is width 1600 px, height 234 px. Depending on the image, other sizes may also work.



Project Home Page by Role

The user's assigned role in a project determines the user's view of the project home page.

Customer Admin View

The Customer Admin project home page includes links to content and tools to author and manage a project. The page includes the project menu in the blue column on the left, the navigation bar at the top of the page, and the main panel (labeled "Project home page" below) comprising the remainder of the page. 



Manager View

The Manager project home page includes the project menu in the blue column on the left (as above) and the main pane (as above) comprising the remainder of the page.


Author View

The Author project home page includes the project menu in the blue column on the left and the main panel comprising the remainder of the page.



Settings (Customer Admins Only)



Settings consists of three items options under the banner: Settings, Team, and Delete.


Choose project settings such as language, software integrations, learning model, and assessment naming conventions.


Control a project team's membership and user permissions on the Team page.


Delete project.