Creating and Managing Citations

The Citations tool allows you to add references to content using MLA (Modern Language Association) or American Psychological Association (APA) style. After creating a citation, you can easily add the formatted citation to a page. 

Note: Customer Admins may select which style they want as the default on the project level. If no style is selected, MLA will be set for the project. Regardless of the default, authors have the ability to switch from MLA to APA citation within the project.

Create a Citation

Start by creating the citation using the Citations tool in the menu under Content > Citations. 


Citations in the project menu


Add a Reference to the Catalog

1. Click the Add Reference button:


2. Complete details on the pop-up page. If you do not know what your default citation style is, please check with your Admin.

3. Click Save.

Note: Students will not see this reference unless it is used on a content page.



Add a new citation with the + Add Reference button. Under Citation, choose either MLA or APA style.


Add a Citation to a Line

1. Highlight the text (often found in Body Content) to which the citation will be added.

2. Click the Citation icon on the toolbar. 

3. Select Source from the Citation editor.

4. Click Save.  

5. A superscript number with hyperlink appears above the highlighted text. The citation appears as a footnote at the bottom of the page.



Add a Citation to a Content Section

1. Click Citation icon on the toolbar.

2. Select a citation or create a new citation.

3. Click Accept

4. The citation appears at the end of the content section.





Sample Citation in Student-Facing Materials