Body Content—Text and Images

The Body Content section type is the most commonly used section type in courses built in Smart Author. It typically includes basic declarative text and/or media learning content. For example, a typical body content section could include:

  • A few paragraphs of text
  • Images and explanations
  • Key term definitions

On the course blueprint, click + Add Section, select Body Content, and then click Add to Page.



Body Content Toolset


The body content section has four layout options as shown by the toolbar icons above. From left to right:

  • Text-only
  • Text-left
  • Text-right
  • Media-only


Note: Authoring Tips

When pasting content from another source (e.g., Word document, website), you must paste using "Paste and Match Style" (Mac) or "Paste as Plain Text" (PC). If you do not, the content will not be formatted correctly.