Page Section Types

Section Types

Sections are the pieces of content that are delivered to students. They include text and images, videos, assessments, assignments, and other content formats. Each section type is described in detail in the module titled Page Content. The section types include:

Body Content

Formative Activity

Before You Continue (metacognitive activity)

Assessments & Assignments (quizzes, Personal Practice, process assignments, hand-in assignments)







External Content

JavaScript Component

Dynamic Media


Adding Sections

To add a section on a page, click the  + Add Section bar on the page.


After you click + Add Section, the Select Section Type tool slides out. The articles in this module describe each section type in detail.



Reordering Page Content

To reorder the content on the page, click the double arrow on the bottom right of the editing page.



Then reorder the page content by dragging and dropping:


Using the Clipboard

Use the Clipboard tool to move a content section or question from one page to another. 

1. Click the Copy icon.


2. Navigate to the location where you will paste the content, and click the Paste icon. 


3. The Clipboard opens. Select the section or sections that need to be copied and then click Paste. The copied content appears below the section in which you clicked Paste.



Note: Using titles on sections makes it easier to keep track when you are copying and pasting sections. Also, if you move content using the Clipboard, be sure to delete the content from the page it was on if you don't want it to appear there.