External Content

The External Content block is a powerful content block that allows you to use content from various internet sources in your course.

The External Content block currently supports four types of media, described in more below:

1. Web link, which links to an external URL or embeds it on the page with an iFrame.

2. iFrame embed, which allows you to embed content through external embed codes.

3. Survey Monkey, which embeds a Survey Monkey survey or links to an external Survey Monkey survey.

4. Publisher-defined LTI tools, which allow you to embed LTI tools defined in the publisher account.


Adding External Content

On the course blueprint, click + Add Section, select External Content, and then click Add to Page.



Web Links 

With a Web link, you can link to an external URL or embed it on the page with an iFrame.

You may enter an optional heading, the URL, a title, and a description. If the content will open in a new window, the title will appear next to the icon to link to the new window. 



Note: Important! To embed content from a URL onto the page in an iFrame, the URL must be available as a secure (HTTPS) link.


iFrame Embed

Set the following options:

iFrame height and width: Set the height and width of the iFrame that contains the external content.

Embed code: The embed code provided by the content host. 

Responsive iFrame: Select Responsive iFrame to allow the iFrame to resize with the browser window.

Need for Full Screen: Select Content requires ability to go fullscreen if necessary.



Survey Monkey

The Survey Monkey external content type allows you to add links or embedded iFrames of Survey Monkey surveys to the courseware. Set the following options:

Survey URL: The survey URL provided by Survey Monkey for your survey.

Tool Location: The location of the external content: either Open in a new window or Embed on page in an iFrame.


Publisher LTI Tools

Publisher LTI Tools are external tools defined at the Publisher level that provide content and tools to be used within courseware.

Once an LTI tool has been set up for your Publisher, it will appear as its own tab in the External Content block, allowing for individual configuration of the tool. Set the following options:

URL: The URL provided by your LTI tool integration.

Tool Location: The location of the external content: either Open in a new window or Embed on page in an iFrame.