Link to Assessment: Standalone Activities


The "Link to assessment" moniker indicates that the activity appears on the page as a link that the student clicks and navigates to; it doesn't appear inline on the page like a Learn By Doing, in between two sections of instructive content. 


Adding Assessments & Assignments

From the Smart Author editor, click + Add Section, select Assessment & Assignments, and then click Add to Page.

When you select the Assessments & Assignments section type, the activity will appear on the page as a link that the student clicks and navigates to; the activity itself doesn't appear on the page.



After choosing Assessments & Assignments from the list of Section Types and adding that section type to the page, you must choose either (1) Select existing Activity or (2) Create a new Activity.




Linking an Existing Activity

1. Click Select existing Activity.

2. Choose the activity from the pop-up list. (Select an exercise that's not already in use.) 




Creating a New Activity

1. Click Create a new Activity.

2. Choose Activity Type from the list: Quiz, Personal Practice, Process Assignment, Unit Test, or Hand-in.

3. Enter an Assessment Title, then click Add. A link will be appear on the page where the assessment will be located. 

4. Click Edit Activity to design the assessment and populate it with content and questions. For details about each assessment type, refer to the module titled The Assessment Gallery.



Create a new activity from one of these types:

Activity Type

Assessment Categorization


Summative (scored)

Personal Practice

Formative (practice); can be set to "scored"

Process Assignment

Formative (practice; scored for completion)

Unit Test

Summative (scored)


Summative (manually scored)


Note: Speak to your Engagement Manager for choices regarding scoring options for Personal Practice.