The Page Builder

The page builder allows you to put pages together using the Smart Author editor. The primary zones of a page in the page builder include:

1. Title and Learning Objectives

2. Sections, where content is added to, rearranged on, or deleted from the page

3. Development functions such as Preview and Comment

4. Standard menus and navigation links

Access the page builder by clicking on Content in the left-hand navigation bar, and then choosing Pages. Then click on Add page.




Title and Learning Objectives

Give the new page a title, and then click Save


If a page includes any content, a Learning Objective is required. A pedagogical alert will appear at the top of the page until the omission is resolved.




Sections are the pieces of content that are delivered to students. They include text and images, videos, assessments, assignments, and other content formats. Each section type is described in detail in the module titled Page Content. The section types include:

Body Content

Formative Activity

Before You Continue (metacognitive activity)

Assessments & Assignments (quizzes, Personal Practice, process assignments, hand-in assignments)







External Content

JavaScript Component

Dynamic Media



Collapse/Remove Sections

During development, you can collapse a section to make scrolling and navigation simpler or expand collapsed sections for review or further development.

You can also remove an entire section by using the trash can icon. You can recover a deleted section from the page history as long as you saved the section before deletion.

At the top right of the section, click the upward-pointing arrow to collapse the section. The section is hidden from view on the page editor, but not on the preview page. After you hide the section, you can expand it again by clicking the same arrow, which now points downward.



The Clipboard

Courseware authors can cut, copy, and paste content blocks to and from a clipboard throughout a project. The clipboard allows you to duplicate content blocks on a page, cut and paste activities from one page to another, and move quiz questions between assessments.

The clipboard tools are found above each content block.



When you cut or copy the content, that content is saved to the clipboard. The clipboard icon denotes the number of content blocks currently saved to the clipboard. This clipboard is persistent throughout the project, allowing you to paste content from page to page and from assessment to assessment. The clipboard displays copied content blocks based on the title field for the content. From the clipboard, you can paste content blocks onto the current page or remove content blocks from the clipboard.




Cut this content block from the page and save it to your clipboard.



Copy this content block to your clipboard.



Click to access the clipboard for this project.


Development Function Tools

Along the top right of the page and the bottom right of the screen are buttons with development functionality.

Top of the page at right:

  • Save icon
  • Preview Page— View the page as it appears on the content delivery page. The preview will open in a new browser tab.


Icons at the bottom right of the screen from top to bottom, and always floating on the screen regardless of where you scroll: 



Save your work.



Share comments with the development team and filter them using the Comments page in the project menu.


Preview Page

View the page as it appears in the student course.


Rearrange Sections

Drag and drop sections to reorder them on the page.


Back to Top

Jump to the top of the page.