Cloning Pages

Smart Author allows authors to make an exact copy, or clone, of an existing page within a project.

Cloning is recommended in two situations:

1. A project includes an existing page whose content or format is similar to the new page.

2. Authors would like to maintain a collection of page templates, using a template each time they need to.


How to Clone a Page

Step 1: Add page: Navigate to the module and click Insert Page.



Step 2: Select a page to clone: Select an existing page from the drop-down menu and click Copy Existing Page.


Step 3: Select components: Select Components from the drop-down menu and click Select.



Step 4: Cloned page (copy): The cloned page will appear with (copy) at the end of the page name.





Update Page Name

Change the name of the cloned page by clicking the pencil icon next to the page name.

The cloned page is a copy of the existing page. Changes made to the parent page after cloning do not impact the copy, and changes made to the copy do not impact the parent page.