Hand-In Assignments

Hand-in assignments allow students to electronically hand in an assignment to an instructor for grading. Smart Author does not automatically grade hand-in activities. 

Create a New Hand-In Assignment

Use hand-in assignments when students need to submit an item for grading.  

To create a new hand-in assignment:

1. From the left-side menu, click on Assessments and go to Activities.


2. On the Activities page, click on Add Assessment button and select Hand-in Assignment.


3. Add a title for your new activity and click Save. You can now start editing your assignment.


Add the Hand-In Assignment

1. On the Smart Author editor, click +Add section. Select Assessments & Assignments and click Add to page.


2. On the newly created section choose Create a new Activity.

  • Note: You can add an already-created activity to the page. Add a new section, go to Select existing Activity, click on the Hand-in tab, and search for the desired activity.

3. Select Hand-in, add a title, and click Add.



Adding Details

1. Attach/Add a learning objective to the assignment.

2. Click ADD CONTENT OR QUESTION to start adding content to this assignment.

3. On the Hand-in details section you can choose how your students can submit the assignment, select one from these options:

Enter text information: this is for a short bit of text from the student. It should not be used for students to submit an entire paper.

Upload files (less than 100 MB): allow students to attach a document that is less than 100 MB.

Supply a Valid URL to student work: this allows students to submit a Web link to their blog, video, or another online asset.

4. To select how you want this activity to be graded, Click Select a Rubric. (See Rubrics for directions on creating a rubric.)


5. Enter Immediate feedback. This section is displayed immediately after a student submits work for grading.


Note: See Link to Assessment: Standalone Activities for directions on how to add a hand-in assignment to a page.


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