Create a Rubric to be used with a hand-in assignment. You may use a rubric for a single assignment or for multiple assignments. Rubrics inform students how they will be graded on the assignment.


Hand-in Rubric list page: Feature Overview

The Hand-in Rubrics list page provides access and functionality related to all hand-in assignment rubrics in the current project.


Features include:

  • Search Bar: find specific content in the rubrics table based on matches with Title, Rubric ID, Date Created, Date Updated, and Updated By fields.​
  • Add Hand-in Rubric button: enables the users to create a new rubric in the project.
  • Overflow menu: edit, preview or delete existing rubrics in the project.



Create a New Rubric

1. On the left-side menu, click Assessments and select Hand-in Rubrics.



New Rubric Link

1. Click on the Add Hand-in Rubric button


2. Enter a Hand-in Rubric Title.

3. Click on Save.



Add Content

1. Name Rubric Part.

2. Add Instructions.

3. Select Grading Criteria from drop-down menu.

4. Click Save.



Rubric Parts

By default, the rubric will have one part worth 100% of the grade.


Default Scoring:



If you add additional parts, you can weight the parts equally (the default) or you can set the rubric so that each part carries a different weight.


Editing Part Scoring:



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