Dynamic Media

You can add three types of Dynamic Media Elements to a page. Click on each type to learn more.

  • Dynamic Image Exploration: A single image with “hotspots” that provide additional information about the image. Each hotspot also becomes a slide, so an exploration is also a slideshow.
  • Dynamic Slideshow: A collection of images with descriptive captions, allowing you to present multiple views on a single topic without using excessive page space.
  • Dynamic Layered Image: A dynamic image that allows you to show the steps in a complex process or a hierarchy of structures (e.g., in human anatomy).



Dynamic Media page

You can review all the Dynamic Media elements in your course by accessing the Dynamic Media page using the left side navigation bar:



Dynamic Media menu




Dynamic Media list



Use the Add Dynamic Media button on the top right corner to create a new dynamic media element:


You can then add the existing Dynamic Media element to any page in your course.