Dynamic Layered Image

A Dynamic Layered Image is a useful tool for presenting steps in a process or for showing options in (or outcomes of) a process. Layering images allows students to see connections between elements.

A Dynamic Layered Image activity consists of a panel and image combination where the user checks layers that are listed in the panel and sees the corresponding portions of the image highlighted. Each selected layer in the panel remains on, allowing students to see multiple layers at once. The base image remains visible at all times.


Pedagogical Uses

The Dynamic Layered Image is great for calling attention to certain parts/features/functions within an image. For example, a Dynamic Layered Image might highlight different systems within the human body. Each layer in the panel could show a different system, and as the user clicks each layer, that system is highlighted in the image of the human body.


Add a Dynamic Layered Image

1. Click + Add Section, select Dynamic Layered Image, and then click Add to Page.

2. Click Create a new Dynamic Layered Image or Select existing Layered Image.



Create a New Dynamic Layered Image



When adding a Digital Layered Image (DLI):

1. Enter Title: This title appears at the top of the DLI.

2. Add Description: This description appears at the bottom of the DLI.

3. Add Slide Description (optional): This description appears on the left side of the DLI.

4. Select Layer Visibility Control (how students will view the layers): Checkboxes or Radio buttons. Using radio buttons adds clarity by providing additional information or modified detail on each slide.



Build the Layers

1. Add the first slide. Follow the steps for inserting an image. 


2. When you place the image in the layer element, you will be prompted to make other choices: 

Name the slide: Type in the title.

Turn the image on or off at start: Slide the button in the top-right corner to ON or OFF.

Replace the image (image icon): Click the image icon to go back to the Media Manager to make a new image selection.

Change the order of the slides (crossbar arrow icon): Click on the crossbow arrow icon and then drag the slide to a new position.

Delete the image (trash can icon): Click on the trash can icon on the slide to delete that slide.



Dynamic Layered Image Sample:

Shows the steps in a complex process and allows the learner to see the hierarchy of structures.