Assessments and Activities Menus


The project contains all activities and assessments, whether or not they are used in a specific blueprint. In this way, the project works like a content management system. The Assessments tab in the Smart Author menu sends you to various directories that list all available activities or assessments in the project. 

Even when you remove units, modules, or pages from a blueprint, the activities and assessments are not deleted. You can find them in Smart Author under Assessments


The Assessments Menu Tab

The Assessment icon in the left navigation pane provides access to tools used to create and manage the various types of assessments and activities. This tab is a drop-down menu, and it includes the following sub-menu items:

Activities (see below)

Question Pools

Hand-in Rubrics

Getting Ready




Activities Sub-Menu

The Activities menu option opens a table of all activities in the course. Activities refer to all formative activities, summative assessments, adaptive assessments (Personal Practice), and hand-in activities.

You can filter the list according to the type of activity and sort the columns of the table ascending or descending.

Multiple filters can be applied simultaneously since the filter chips are additive.