Assessment Overview

Acrobatiq offers three types of assessment: formative activities, summative assessments, and adaptive activities. Click each assessment type in the first column to learn more.


Assessment Category Types of Assessments Questions Scoring
Formative activities

Did I Get This?

Learn by Doing

10 questions/data points per learning objective to build a learning estimate


Not graded

Intended to build learning estimate

Summative assessments

Quiz (end of each module)

3-5 questions per learning objective in each module




Unit test (summative at the end of each unit)

3-5 questions per learning objective



Adaptive activities

Personal Practice

1-4 core per learning objective

1-2 mid-level

1-2 low level


Option 1: Completion score

Option 2: Performance grade


Getting Ready

7-10 questions per prerequisite learning objective


Not graded; remedial content assigned based on student performance