Transferring Questions in Activities and Assessments


While developing formative activities or summative assessments, you may wish to move questions from an existing assessment to another existing assessment. Transfer Questions allows for a quick way to accomplish this task.

Transfer Questions

To transfer questions, a minimum of two existing assessments are needed. One will be the source from which you transfer the questions. The other is the target in which the question will appear.

First: Open Source Activity/Assessment

1. Open the activity/assessment that contains the questions you wish to transfer (move).

2. Select Transfer Questions


3. Select the questions you wish to move (1 in the following screenshot).

4. Select the activity/assessment in which you want the questions to appear (2 in the following screenshot).


5. Click Move.

6. Click Save to save the changes on the target page.




Second: Open Target Activity/Assessment.

7. Navigate to the target activity/assessment.

8. Verify that the moved questions appear at the end of the assessment.

9. You may move the questions up or down as needed.