Process Assignments


A Process Assignment is a multi-page assignable activity that provides scenarios that students work through in a linear fashion. Students must complete each step correctly before moving on to the next step. This activity is useful for lab book-style activities or reinforcement of multi-step problems that share the same steps to solve.


Create a Process Assignment

First: Navigate to Process Assignments.

Process Assignments activity can be reviewed on the Activities page.

1. On the left-side menu go to Assessments, and click on Activities.

2. You can filter by activity type with the chips at the top of the list to narrow the search.



 Second: Create a New Process Assignment.

Note: In order to edit this activity, you would need to add it to a new or existing page first. 

1. On your page, click + Add Section, select Assessments & Assignments, and Add to Page.



2. Click on Create a new Activity




3. Select Process Assignment from the menu and name your activity. Click on Add.



Note: If you have already created the activity through the Activities page, click on Select existing Activity to choose the Process Assignment. 



Third: Add Process Assignment Bundle (optional).

The Process Assignment Bundle allows the display of information to users about the type of activity as well as a description and image for the activity type.

1. Click on Edit Activity.

2. Hover over + Add Process Assignment Bundle.



2. Click Add new Process Assignment Bundle.



3. Add a title for the activity type. The title will appear in red font above the title of the activity on the page on which the activity link appears as well as on the page where the Begin button is available.

4. Add a description of the activity type. This description appears on the page where the Begin button is available.



5. Add an image for the activity type. This image appears on the page on which the activity link appears.



Note: You may reuse bundles if, in step 2 above, you select Add Existing Process Assignment Bundle.


Fourth: Create References. 

References appear at the top of the assignment to introduce learners to the problem, variables that will be used, and questions that will be answered.

1. Access References by clicking the page icon on the right side of the screen. 

2. Enter text for the Problem, Variables, and Questions. 

3. If more than one question is desired, click the + next to the number of questions and add additional questions.



Note: If you see the option to convert to new editor, do not convert.


Fifth: Add Steps in the Process. Add Step 1

Steps allow students to work through the process. 

1. Scroll up, and on the left side of the bar where References appear, click the 1 to enter the first step. 


3. Add content or questions. Add hints to questions if desired.



Complete Step 1

1. Enter the Title for the step.

2. Select the Process Assignment Question that is being addressed.

3. Select + Add Content, and then add content and questions. 

If additional sections are desired for this step, click + Add Process Assignment Section. This new section will appear as a new page for the current step. Be sure to title the new section.



Add Subsequent Steps

1. To add additional steps, click the + to the left of the 1. This new step appears as a new section in the activity.

2. Follow the directions above for each subsequent step.