Copying and Pasting from Other Applications

Pasting content from other applications into SmartAuthor works well in most content types. There are some times, however, when copying and pasting is not recommended. In addition, file name protocols in the Media Manager must be followed to avoid errors during publishing. This article provides information on the best practices for both instances.


Copying and Pasting

In August 2018, Acrobatiq introduced a new text editor. The new editor is used for most new sections or questions created. Content developed prior to August 2018 that hasn’t been converted is still in the previous editor. You can determine which editor is in use by looking at the tool bar. The new editor will display the “A” with a drop-down menu indicator.

If you wish to paste content into a section that uses the previous editor, convert the section to the new editor prior to pasting.

New Editor

Previous Editor

NewEditor.png PreviousEditor.png


Copy and Paste Recommendations

OK to copy and paste

  • Any content type using new editor
  • Any content type using previous editor

*Do not copy and paste

  • External links
  • Section titles
  • Alternative text in Media Manager
  • Internal links such as pages; instead, use link interface
  • File names for files uploaded to Media Manager (see below)
  • Reference sections in Process Assignments
  • Alternatives such as those used in StatTutor
  • Comments
  • Student action labels/Self-report questions
  • Glossary / terms


*Note: Copy and paste may work if you use “paste special” to be sure no hidden characters appear.


File Names: Best Practices

We recommend the following naming conventions for files added to the Media Manager:

Do not use punctuation, symbols, or special characters (periods, commas, parentheses, ampersands, asterisks, etc.; hyphens and underscores are acceptable).


Examples of recommended file names:




Note: Images larger than 2MB are not supported.