Drag and Drop (Table)

The Drag and Drop (Table) question type is similar to the Image Drag and Drop question type, except that it allows learners to drag text labels into the cells of a table. This question type is often used to create matching questions.


Build a Drag and Drop Table Question

Click + New Assessment, choose the assignment type, name the assessment, click Add, click + Add Content or Question, click + Add Question, and then click Drag & Drop. 

1. Add Title.

2. Add question body.

3. Add headers.

4. Add content in each cell.

5. Add Rows and Columns as needed.

6. Add Feedback.

7. Tag question.



Note: Authoring Tips

1. You can add either images or text. Use the drop-down menu in each cell to determine which type of content you will add.

2. You can allow multiple initiators to be marked as correct.



Example of Drag and Drop (Table)



Video: How to Create a Drag and Drop (Table) Question

This walkthrough video shows how to create Drag and Drop (table) questions.

Please note: This video was created using a previous version of Smart Author.