Image Hotspot

In an Image Hotspot question, students click on a specific area of an image (a “hotspot”) in response to a question prompt. You can create multiple hotspots for an image while designating one as the "correct" choice.  You can also add targeted feedback for each correct and incorrect response.


Build a Hotspot Image Question

Click + New Assessment, choose the assignment type, name the assessment, click Add, click + Add Content or Question, click + Add Question, and then click Image Hotspot. 

1. Add Title.

2. Add question body.

3. Select an image.

4. Select hotspot shape (square, circle, or polygon).

5. Add hotspots (a minimum of two hotspots is required).

6. Add Feedback for hotspots.

7. Tag question.



Note: Resizing a Hotspot

You can resize a hotspot by selecting the square white handle on the right side of the hotspot. The cursor will change to the "move" cursor to indicate that you can resize the hotspot:


If you make a mistake in the initial placement of the hotspot, you can delete the hotspot by deleting the hotspot's input box (directly below the image).


Video: How to Create an Image Hotspot Question

This video demonstrates how to build an Image Hotspot question.

Please note: This video was created using a previous version of Smart Author.