Tips for Writing Feedback

When writing feedback for questions, consider the following suggestions:

1. Restate the answer option in the feedback. Avoid using pronouns in feedback.

2. Avoid reusing feedback.

3. Make feedback specific to each answer choice.

4. Ensure that feedback does not directly give away the answer. The exception is with text or numeric input.

5. Keep feedback short and concise.


Also keep these suggestions in mind:

1. Feedback needs to be specific to each answer choice.

2. Feedback should include short explanations for correct choices and incorrect choices.

3. Feedback needs to explain why an answer is correct or incorrect. 


Feedback Examples

Feedback1.png Feedback2.png




Feedback Examples: Specific to Response

SpecificFeedback.png SpecificFeedback2.png
SpecificFeedback3.png SpecificFeedback4.png