Adaptive Activity: Build a Personal Practice

To build a Personal Practice activity, proceed as follows.

1. Click Assessments.

2. Click Adaptive Assessments.


3. Create a new assessment:

  • Click New Assessment.
  • Select Personal Practice.
  • Name the assessment.
  • Click Add.


4. Add Adaptive Question or Adaptive Section:

  • Click +Add Question or + Add Adaptive Section.
  • + Add Question allows you to select a question type and begin to build the adaptive question.
  • + Add Adaptive Section allows you to build the adaptive section to which you will then add questions.


5. Set conditions: Set the necessary learning estimate conditions for the question or section.

  • Set Learning Estimate Level for the item.
  • Click + Add a learning objective.
  • Select the Learning Objective from the drop-down menu.
  • Click OK.
  • Continue adding questions with learning objectives and section to the assessment until it is complete.



6. Add to page.

  • Click Add Section.
  • Click Assessments.
  • Click Select existing Activity.


  • Click Personal Practice.
  • Select assessment.
  • Click Select.



  • Once the assessment has been added to the page, you can remove, change, or edit the assessment.