Add a Getting Ready Module

Preparing to Create a Getting Ready Module

Before creating a Getting Ready module, you must author the following items, which are applicable to the Getting Ready module:

1. Learning objectives

2. Content pages

3. Question pools (one per learning objective)


Add Getting Ready Learning Objectives to Project

Proceed as follows:

1. Navigate to Learning Objectives.

2. Click Learning Objectives.

3. Click + New Learning Objective.



Add New Content Pages for Each Getting Ready Learning Objective

Proceed as follows: 

1. Navigate to Content.

2. Click Pages.

3. Click + New page.



Create an Assessment Pool for Each Getting Ready Learning Objective

Note: Unlike other pools, questions for the Getting Ready Check are delivered in order. Take this order into account when authoring questions.

To create an assessment pool for each Getting Ready learning objective:

1. Navigate to Assessments.

2. Click Question Pools.

3. Click Add Question Pool.

4. Give the question pool a title. 

Tip: Use part of the learning objective in the pool title for easy reference.

5. Click Save.

6. Click + Add Question.








Do not use sections when creating the assessment pool. There should be only one learning objective per pool. You can use only these three question types in a Getting Ready assessment pool:

1. Multiple-choice

2. Pulldown (use only one input per question)

3. Number input (use only one input per question)


End-of-Module Summative Assessments (Optional) 

You can add an end-of-module summative assessment to the Getting Ready section. This non-adaptive assessment is delivered only to students who received Getting Ready content, and it can include all question types and sections. You should create end-of-module summative assessments before adding the Getting Ready section to the course.

Add Getting Ready Section to Course

1. Navigate to Assessments.

2. Select Getting Ready.

3. Select Add Getting Ready.

4. Add Title.

5. Click Save.

6. Click + Select Blueprint.

7. Select a Blueprint. 

8. Select a Unit.

9. Click Insert.

10. On End of Module Assessment, select the end of the module quiz from the dropdown (if included in course).

11. Select + Add Adaptive Check.

12. Select the Learning Objective.

13. Select the pool that aligns with the learning objective. 

14. Select the pages that align with the learning objective. 

15. Add one adaptive check per learning objective until complete.