The Basics

The Oxford Insight Study Guide is an effective way to reinforce what you're learning in your textbook. 

You will be presented with study questions that test your understanding of core textbook context and vocabulary while encouraging close reading of textbook passages.

As you progress through the Study Guide, you’ll be earning stars toward a target score. Each Study Guide chapter has its own target score, and achieving the target score for a given chapter earns you a score of 100%.


How to use the study guide

  • Work your way through the Study Guide’s series of questions from beginning to end.
  • A chapter Study Guide consists of four parts, and each part has multiple exercises.
  • The content of the Study Guide is structured to address the chapter's Learning Objectives.


  • For most exercises, you must attempt each question until you enter the correct answer, even if there are no more stars to be earned.
  • Once you finish a question and move to the next one, you are not able to return to the previous question.
  • Feel free to leave and come back as many times as needed. Your progress is saved when you click the Save and continue button at the end of every exercise. When you return, you will find yourself at the beginning of the next exercise.


IMPORTANT: Your work on each page of the Study Guide is not saved until you click the Save and continue button, so be sure to finish all parts of the current exercise and click Save and continue before you leave the Study Guide or close your browser.