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The home will always be the landing page when accessing an Oxford Insight Study Guide.

You can navigate to all content via the home page. Additionally, you can quickly navigate to any content and return to home at any time using the quick access left-hand navigation Menu that is always available in the upper left.

Content in the Study Guide is organized by Chapter.  A chapter Study Guide consists of four parts, and each part has multiple exercises.



Part 1: Review and Recall

The exercises in Part 1 each display a passage from your textbook. After reading the passage carefully, select Start, which removes a key word from the passage.

Using a game-show style of letter-guessing and dropdown menus, fill in the missing word or phrase using your keyboard, touch screen, or mouse. Incorrect guesses reduce the number of stars available!


There may be multiple blanks per exercise. You will attempt each blank one at a time as they appear on the page.

After three incorrect letter guesses, you have the option to reveal additional letters by clicking the Hint button. (If there is only one letter blank remaining, the Hint button will not appear.)



Part 2: Check Your Understanding

Each exercise in Part 2 begins with a multiple choice question with a confidence indicator. 


Why is indicating your confidence level important? 

Thinking about your level of confidence when answering a question is an important study skill and will help you become efficient at identifying areas where additional study is needed.

If you choose "confident," you’ll gain more stars for being right, but you’ll also lose more stars on consecutive attempts if you’re wrong.

Selecting “guessing” or “confident” only affects the scoring for the current question. If you choose "guessing," you’ll gain fewer stars for being right, but you’ll also lose fewer stars on consecutive attempts if your first answer is incorrect.

You cannot move on until you’ve selected the correct answer.

After answering the multiple choice question correctly, you will see a passage from your text that substantiates the correct answer. Read the passage carefully, then select Start to transform the passage into another Review and Recall exercise (same as Part 1).


Part 3: Apply Your Knowledge

Questions in Part 3 expect you to apply your knowledge in the form of a written response.

You are not expected to write more than a short paragraph.

After submitting your answer, you may be prompted to continue working to improve what you wrote.


Once your answer has been accepted, you'll be provided a sample response to gauge whether you adequately answered the question. Read the passage carefully, then select Start to transform the sample response into another Review and Recall exercise (same as Part 1).


Part 4: Your Personalized Practice

While you were working through Parts 1 and 2, the Study Guide was keeping track of your performance on the assessments for each learning objective. The questions associated with the learning objectives that were difficult for you are displayed first in Part 4.


Bonus Stars! 

If you wait 12 hours between completing Part 3 and starting Part 4, you will earn 50 extra bonus stars! Spacing out your Study Guide sessions will help with long-term retention of the material.

Cycle through the Part 4 questions as many times as you need in order to achieve the target score.

Questions in Part 4 are similar to the Review and Recall questions that you worked through in Part 1.