Define and Stage a Maintenance Batch

Define and Stage a Maintenance Batch

First, select the content types to include in the update. If you do not click any of the content types, only the specified pages will update. 

Next, you will see a list of pages that have been updated since the last maintenance batch. If this is the first maintenance, you may see all the changes made recently. A computer icon indicates items that have been changed.

Below the pages you will see a list of the assessments included on that page. If you have made changes to an assessment, be sure to select it for inclusion in the batch.



Add Pages Manually

The page or assessment you want to update may not be listed automatically. If it is not, click + Add Pages or + Add Assessments. Then use the Page Selector to find the items you need.


1. You can filter the Selector View using the Filter function at the top. You can also sort by clicking the column heads.


2. Select one or several pages or assessments by clicking on them.

3. Click Insert.

The pages or assessments will be added to the batch already selected. You can click to remove any item you wish to exclude.

Note: If the assessment is a pool, be sure to select the assessment in which the pool is found.


Stage the Pending Batch

When you have finished defining the batch, stage it by clicking Stage Update. You cannot change the batch while it is staging. 


Note: Once the staging process has started, you can navigate away from the page. The status will change to Staged when the batch is staged.