Create a Maintenance Batch

The Maintenance option appears under Deliver after you have been trained and it has been activated for your account. Consult your Engagement Manager if you do not see it.

Create a Maintenance Batch

1. Click Maintenance in the left navigation bar.



2. Click on Create New Maintenance Update.



Best Practice

Plan appropriate time for production updates. Be sure to leave time for staging, reviewing, making any needed adjustments and scheduling the update.


View a Pending Batch

If you need to leave and return to a pending batch, return to Maintenance. In the table, you will see your batch with the status "Pending."  Click the Edit icon to resume work or view details of the batch.



Important Note

The following changes should not be attempted in maintenance. They will not impact live courses and could cause problems:

  • Adding or removing pages, modules, and/or units
  • Making any blueprint changes, such as names of modules or units
  • Rearranging order of content