Formative Activities

Formative Activities 

Most course content pages contain formative activities. They are called either Learn by Doing or Did I Get This? and their length varies. They provide you with opportunities to practice what you are learning.

Learn by Doing: These activities give you the chance to practice the concept that you are learning, with hints and feedback to guide you if you struggle.

Did I Get This?: These activities allow you to assess your understanding of the material before you do a graded activity.

Formative activities are not graded, and you can keep changing your answer to the questions until you get them right. While your instructor's gradebook does not capture these activities, your instructor will be able to review how individual students or the entire class performed on them.

Components of Formative Activities

Two key elements of the formative activities are designed to help you learn: 

Targeted Feedback: Most questions have targeted feedback for both correct and incorrect answers, providing additional learning opportunities and guiding you as you work the problem.

Hints: Most Learn by Doing activities have hints that provide additional guidance.