StatTutors & Other Formative Activities


StatTutors are formative assignments scored on completion; they appear in the Table of Contents. In these assignments, you work through a statistics process and answer questions before you move on to the next step. You can answer the questions as many times as you want. Hints and feedback are available. The StatTutors are graded based on percentage completed. If you work the activity until you reach the end, you will receive full credit. 

Note: The option that you select for downloads of StatTutor datasets will be the default option throughout the course. 


Formative Activities/Assignments with Statistics Software

Formative activities and assignments throughout the course ask you to use a statistics software package to answer questions. The course currently supports instructions for 11 different packages. You can change the instructions in the activity by selecting the drop-down Alternatives and choosing the software. After you select a software package, the rest of the activities in the course will default to that package.

Your instructor will indicate whether all students should use the same package or whether students can choose the package they will use.