Learning Objectives & Learning Estimates

Learning Objectives

Found in the Table of Contents at the module level and at the top pages throughout the course, Learning Objectives are student-centered statements of the measurable content, media, and questions for each content area.

Learning objectives help guide learning. Assessments measure learning against these objectives at the end of each module. The Learning Dashboard cards also use the learning objectives to reveal how your students are performing and learning within the course. 

Learning objectives in the Table of Contents:  




Learning Objectives on a course page: 



Learning Estimates

A student's performance on formative practice provides data for learning estimates. The learning estimate is a model that Acrobatiq built to predict how well a student will perform on the learning objective on a summative assessment. See Understanding Learning Estimates

For example, based on how a student answers formative questions against the learning objective Summarize the distribution of a categorical variable, the student's learning estimate will be categorized as low, medium, or high. These learning estimates determine the questions that students receive on the adaptive Personal Practice assignments. They also provide information on the Learning Dashboard

Summative work is not calculated in a student's learning estimate. 


Note: Learning estimates appear on the Dashboard but are not student facing.