Accessing Your Course


Are you using Acrobatiq with Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle or another LMS? 

There's a good chance that if you're accessing content for a course online, you're doing so through your institution's LMS. Depending on how your institution integrates with VitalSource, there are a number of ways you can access your courseware—see Access Courseware via Your Learning Management System (LMS)


Creating a Student Account

Account creation is only required if you are not accessing your Acrobatiq course through your school's LMS.


NEW! Social Login

Social Login simplifies the account creation process by utilizing your existing Google and Apple
accounts, reducing the number of passwords you need to remember. Follow the instructions here.



Before you get started you will need:

  • A valid email address. 
  • The Course Key provided by your instructor that enrolls you in your correct course. If you don't know your Course Key, reference your syllabus or check with your instructor.
  • An access code or a payment form (credit card or PayPal). If you don’t have an access code, you can use a credit card or PayPal to purchase access.

1. To create a new Acrobatiq account, go to

2. Click Create a VitalSource Account


3. Complete the information on this page and click Create Account, or follow the instructions here if you choose to use Social Login.


NOTE: If you already have a VitalSource account please see Already have a VitalSource account? below.

4. On the Your Courses page, click Add a Course


5. Enter the course key provided by your instructor and click Submit.



Payment Options

If payment is required, you have the following Payment Options:

  • Enter the access code that came with your textbook or was purchased separately from the bookstore. After redeeming your access code you will be redirected to your course home page.
  • Or buy access using a credit card or PayPal account. After completing the payment process you will be redirected to your course home page.
  • Trial access may be available for your course. The course will become unavailable and you will be prompted for payment or access code redemption when the trial date expires, but you have full access to the course and its content up to that date. 


Note: You will receive a confirmation email.



NEW! Social Login

When you land on the Acrobatiq login page, you will be given the option to continue with Google or Apple.

acrobatiqlogin - Copy.png

After selecting a social login option, select the account you’d like to login with.

  • Google

Social Login Release Notes.pdf Page 2 image 2.png

  • Apple

Social Login Release Notes.pdf Page 2 image 3.png

Once you’re authenticated, a few additional questions may appear.

The first question will ask your role: Student, Instructor or Other

Social Login Release Notes.pdf Page 2 image 4.png

If you select either Student or Instructor, you may be asked to provide some additional details regarding your institution.

Social Login Release Notes.pdf Page 3 image 1.png



Already have a VitalSource account?


If you already have a VitalSource account, click Sign In and follow the prompts to login with your existing VitalSource account.


and login with your existing VitalSource account and password.


If you can not remember your VitalSource password, click Forgot Password?.


Enter your email and click Submit.


You will be sent an email to reset your VitalSource password.


Open the email called Reset Your Password (please check your spam filter) and click the Reset Password link.


Enter a new password and click Submit.


You will receive immediate confirmation that your VitalSource password was reset. Click Sign in.


Sign into VitalSource Courseware with your new password.


Now return to Step 4: On the Your Courses page, click Add a Course above to enroll in your course.


Note: You will also receive a password reset confirmation email.