Add a Teaching Assistant: Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, and Other Learning Management Systems

Adding a Teaching Assistant

If your teaching assistant (TA) has that account-level role in the roster in Blackboard, D2L, Canvas, or another learning management system, that same role is automatically assigned in your Acrobatiq course.

You might need to consult your LMS administrator to confirm that your TA has one of these role designations in the LMS:

  • role.equals("assistant")
  • role.startsWith("assistant/")
  • role.equals("teachingassistant")
  • role.startsWith("teachingassistant/")
  • role.equals("urn:lti:role:ims/lis/teachingassistant")
  • role.startsWith("urn:lti:role:ims/lis/teachingassistant/")

If you experience difficulty with this method, please email Acrobatiq Support or your Engagement Manager for assistance.