Canvas: Gradebook Integration (for Administrators)

Integrating Canvas Gradebook with Acrobatiq

Step 1: Create a Client ID and Developer Key

The first step involves creating a Client ID and Developer Key in Canvas. These two items will enable the Acrobatiq platform to talk to Canvas.

  1. Navigate to the Admin section in the sidebar and select your account.
  2. Select Developer Keys from the left-side navigation panel.
  3. Click + Add Developer Key.



Step 2: Enter Key Settings Key

  1. Key Name: Acrobatiq (This field will be shown when users are asked to approve access to their Canvas account on your behalf.)
  2. Owner Email: The email of the person who owns the developer tool (usually the LMS Admin)
  3. Redirect URI (Legacy):
  4. Redirect URIs:
  5. Vendor Code (LTI 2): N/A
  6. Icon URL: The URL of the icon for your developer tool. This URL is presented to the user to approve authorization for your tool. To avoid mixed content browser concerns, use https.
  7. Notes: Any notes about the developer key, such as the reason it was created.
  8. Click Save Key button.



Step 3: Platform Configuration

  1. After saving the key (and modal closing), please copy the “ID” and “Key” of the new developer key you just added and send them to your Acrobatiq Engagement Manager.
  2. You now must wait until Acrobatiq has configured the platform with the Client ID and Developer Key that you sent to your Acrobatiq Engagement Manager (from the previous step). You may proceed after receiving confirmation from your Acrobatiq Engagement Manager that the platform has been configured. ­


Step 4 : LTI Launch 

For this step, you will need to initiate an LTI launch to the Acrobatiq platform via the Canvas course as an instructor (not administrator). This step creates the appropriate connection between the Canvas section and the Acrobatiq section.

In this step, instructors are authorizing Acrobatiq to add scores on their behalf to the course gradebook. The instructor must approve this step. Acrobatiq is only permitted to send scores in that instructor’s gradebook.
Instructors need to complete this step for each section of the course. All instructors will need to launch the course from within Canvas to create their sections. 


The launch should result in a screen asking for permission. Once authorized, the two platforms (Acrobatiq and Canvas) can communicate and send grades. If the instructor is not prompted for this authorization, please inform your Acrobatiq Engagement Manager.

Step 5: Integration Testing

Test the integration by completing assignments as a student in the Acrobatiq platform (via LTI launch in Canvas).