Canvas: Gradebook Sync Enhancements

Overview: Gradebook Sync and Assignment Tab 

The current Canvas gradebook integration allows you to select specific graded items to sync with the Canvas gradebook via the Gradebook Sync tool. When the Gradebook column is created in Canvas, the graded item is also added to the Assignment tab in Canvas.

In addition to sending the item to the Assignment tab, integration also sends a direct link to the graded item and the item due date (if scheduled in Acrobatiq).



Opening an Assignment from the Assignment Tab

When students click on an assignment, they will receive this message: “This tool needs to be loaded in a new browser window.”

To do so, they will click the Load Assignment in a new window button. 


For Courses Where the Term Has Already Started

The sync is set up to run at regularly scheduled intervals. However, if due dates have previously been set and Acrobatiq Gradebook columns have already been created, follow these steps to ensure the due dates sync to the my Assignment page:

  1. Go to the Course Settings tab of your Acrobatiq course.
  2. Select the Gradebook Sync tab.
  3. Click the Sync grades for this course now button. 

Note: Instructors who previously created my Gradebook columns should follow this link to ensure that the items on my Assignment page include a direct link to each assignment.