Roles: Instructor, Mentor, Student

The Acrobatiq platform assigns three roles: InstructorMentor, or Student. They are mutually exclusive; a user can have only one role within an Acrobatiq course.


This role is granted by Acrobatiq or by clicking an existing single sign-on (SSO) link in your school's learning management system (LMS). Users with corresponding roles in an LMS are given the Instructor role in Acrobatiq. The Instructor role has the following privileges: 



This role is the teaching assistant (TA) equivalent. It too requires the manual addition of privileges by Acrobatiq or the automatic role assignment via SSO. The Mentor role is identical to the Instructor role with one exception: The Mentor role cannot access Course Settings. The Mentor role has the following privileges:



Those with the student role have access to course content and all the tools and pages that enable students to navigate an Acrobatiq course or to maintain their account: 

  • My Scores (the student's individual gradebook)
  • All course content, EXCLUDING answer keys and subject to an applied schedule
  • My Profile page
  • Browser Check tool
  • Help 


Note: Some institutions arrange for the omission of some menu items, such as My Scores. Also, instructors and mentors cannot complete work on a student's behalf.