View Student Work Mode

View Student Work (VSW) gives you the ability to see students' answers on formative or summative exercises as well as their progress through the course. In this mode, instructors view the course from an individual student's perspective, but they cannot complete or change any of the student's work. In this mode, instructors can also delete or reset student work on a checkpoint or quiz.

Note: Instructions to exit Student Work Mode are found at the bottom of this page.

You can access View Student Work mode in two ways: 

1. Select View Student Work from the menu on the My Courses page:



2. Select View Student Work in the drop-down menu at the top right of any Acrobatiq course page:​ 


Student Work Roster

Either option will direct you to a student roster. Select a student from the list and click View Student Work. You can change the number of entries on this page by using the Show option in the upper-left corner. For large classes, use the Previous and Next page menu in the lower-right corner.


View Student Work Mode

Note: When have entered View Student Work mode, the Screen_Shot_2019-03-30_at_10.18.45_PM.png  icon will appear in the upper-right corner of the page:


After you click View Student Work for a specific student, a new window will open with that student's version of the table of contents. In the Table of Contents, you will see the student's name at the top left of the page. You can expand the Table of Contents to review specific items within modules, or you can navigate into the course content to review work on specific pages or assignments.




Note: When Student Work mode is enabled, you will not see tools such as Course Settings, Learning Dashboard, or Gradebook. To access these tools, exit View Student Work mode as explained below.


Assignment Review (an alternate way to access View Student Work mode)

You can navigate directly to a student's assignment from the Gradebook

  1. Locate the student and score in the Gradebook. 
  2. Click on the score to open the Details window.
  3. Choose View Student Work.




Viewing the student's assignment indicates when a student started and completed a particular attempt, the number of attempts the student made, and the student's scores. You will also see which answers the student selected for each question.


Note: View Student Work mode allows instructors to see not only the work completed but also how students completed it. Reviewing how students answered questions can help you identify areas where students may need help. 

Exit View Student Work

If the Screen_Shot_2019-03-30_at_10.18.45_PM.png icon appears at the top of any page, View Student Work mode is engaged.  Exit VSW mode by clicking the icon in the menu bar and then selecting Exit Student View:




Video: View Student Work