Defining Course Elements

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives are student-centered statements of the measurable content, media, and questions for each content area.

Learning objectives help guide learning. Before You Continue activities measure learning against these objectives at the end of each module. The Learning Dashboard cards also use the learning objectives to reveal how your students are performing and learning within the course. 

Learning Objectives on a course page: 



Formative Activities 

Formative activities provide practice and feedback to students as they work through the course. Formative activities are also critical to generating data in the Learning Dashboard.

Formative activities are tagged to learning objectives, which appear on the page.

Students' performance on formative questions generates data on their progress toward achieving that learning objective. 

Student data on learning objectives also generate a learning estimate that appears in the instructor's Learning Dashboard. The learning estimate predicts how well a student will perform on a learning objective. 


Activities Summary: