Learning Dashboard Overview and Setup


The Learning Dashboard is a collection of inquiry-based cards. Each card presents data about a specific aspect of learning or engagement. Within each card, you can find real-time learning and participation data for your students.

Access the Learning Dashboard through the link in the Profile Menu or My Courses page:

MyprofileDashboard.png            MyCoursesDashboard.png


Learning Dashboard Basics

The dashboard provides customizable cards that provide real-time insights into student learning and progress within the course. You can save these cards. To access the full set of data for a particular inquiry, click an inquiry or a card:


Customize Cards

Options for selecting and customizing cards are available in the menu on the dashboard page. Create unique dashboard cards by dragging card choices from the blue menu bar on the left into the empty gray dashboard card, or click on the card to add particular questions:



Create as many unique cards as you like, and add a new card any time.

After creating a new card or making modifications, be sure to click the blue Save changes button in the bottom-right corner of the card. Doing so will ensure that custom cards always appear in the Learning Dashboard.


Detailed Question View
When you click on an inquiry or its card, a detailed view of the data becomes available. Depending on the kind of data, various manipulations or actions are possible: 

  • Pare down the data based on pertinent parameters, such as population (all or selected students), time, learning objective, location in the course (units and modules), and other parameters
  • Switch between graphical and tabular views of the data
  • Filter the data when displayed as a data table
  • Export the data by printing, creating a PDF, creating a CSV-format spreadsheet, or copying the data to your clipboard so that you can paste it into an existing document or email



Click on the icons at the top right to toggle between views for the same card: 


Within a card, you can select subsets of students to create a custom card for a specific cohort: 



Export card data in Excel and PDF formats or copy to your clipboard by using the options at the top right of every card: