Blueprint Editor

The Blueprint Editor is a sequence manager page that outlines the blueprint in the form of a table of contents, including Units, Modules, and Pages. While editing a blueprint, you have the ability to add, rearrange, or delete elements and show/hide automatic numbered lables for Units and Modules.


To access the Blueprint Editor, go to the Blueprints list and use the contextual menu to click on Edit:


Blueprint Editor: Feature Overview



Blueprint Settings

Use the Overflow menu and click on Edit to access the Blueprint Settings sidepanel.


Here, you can edit Blueprint title, description and Vitalsource SKU. You can also set the default numbering behavior for new units and modules.



new! Blueprint Export

Use the Export Blueprint button in the overflow menu to download a CSV file with the Blueprint structure. The CSV file contains a complete list of Units, Modules and Pages, including links to page preview and page editor for each. Extra information is also listed, which includes last update and updated by columns

editable and preview page URLs, last modification date, and the user who last updated the pages.​


Viewing the Sequence

  1. To reveal the components within a unit or module, click the rightward-pointing arrow next to its title. 
  2. To expand the entire sequence, click the Expand all icon at the top right of the sequence.
  3. Click the Collapse all icon to collapse the entire sequence.



Adding or Deleting Course Components

Two alternatives to add Units, Modules or Pages:

1. Use the Overflow menu for any blueprint component and click on Add Unit, Add Module or Add Page



2. Place your cursor over any area in between Blueprint components and click on the Add Unit, Add Module or Add Page buttons that appear on hover.



When adding new items, a sidepanel is displayed where you can input the component title. For pages, you can choose to create a new page, select an existing page, or clone an existing page.



To remove a course component, use the Overflow menu and click on Delete. Doing so removes the course component from the blueprint. If the component is a page, the page will still be available in the project for later use or for use in a different blueprint in the project.


NOTE: The Impact of Adding or Removing Content

Adding a new unit, module, or page of content will add it only in the blueprint you are working on. If the project has multiple blueprints and the new content needs to appear in all blueprints, add the unit/module/page to each blueprint manually. 

Deleting a unit, module, or page from a blueprint works the same way. Only the blueprint that you are working in will be affected. The unit, module, or page will not be deleted from a different blueprint in the project. 

If you remove a unit or module, that organization of content is gone from the blueprint. However, the pages that made up that unit or module are still in the project, so you can add them back if you need to. Removing a page from the blueprint organization does not delete that page from the project, and it will still be available in the project for later use.


Numbered and Unnumbered Modules

Use the overflow menu at the top blueprint level and click on Number All/Remove All Numbers to quickly apply this setting to all Units and Modules in the blueprint.

You can also open the overflow menu for any particular course Unit/Module and click on Numbered/Unnumbered.

A number icon will be displayed next to the Units/Modules that are numbered in the Blueprint.



Setting Units and Modules to be numbered will display automatic numbered labels in the course TOC:




Rearrange Content

You can place the content of a blueprint in any order. Simply enter the Move Item mode by clicking the dedicated button or accessing the contextual menu for the component you want to relocate.


To reorder content:

1. Hover over the component and click on the Move Item button or use the overflow menu and click on Move Page/Move Module/Move Page to enter the Move Item mode.


2. When in Move Item mode, a banner will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, indicating the component that is being moved. Navigate to the new location and use the overlfow menu to click on Move Below this Item.