Creating Single-Form Summative Assessments

A form is a group of questions and represents the version of the quiz that a student receives.


The Student Experience of a Single-Form Assessment

A single-form assessment means there is only one set of questions available for that particular quiz or unit test. 

All students receive the same set of questions for the assessment. If multiple assessment attempts are available to students, they will receive the same questions each time. 

There are two different ways to author a single-form assessment in Smart Author. Both create the same student experience. Both methods are outlined below.


Create an Assessment from the Assessments Tab

The first method is from the Assessments tab in Smart Author: 

  1. On the left menu, navigate to the Assessments > Activities tab. 
  2. Click Add Assessment



3. Select a type (Quiz or Unit Test), add a title, and click Add. 



4. Follow directions below to Add Questions.

Note: If you create the assessment from the Activity page, you will need to add the assessment to a content page. See Assessment Overview for adding assessments to a page directions.


Create an Assessment Page from a Content Page

You can use Smart Author to create an assessment page from the content page on which you want to place an assessment: 

1. From the content page in Smart Author, select + Add Section



2. Select Assessments & Assignments

3. Click Add to Page.



4. Click Create a new Activity



5. Identify the type (Quiz or Unit Test) and title, and click Add.


  1. Click Edit Activity to open the Assessment and add questions.


Add Questions

You can add questions and content directly to the assessment regardless of which way you created the assessment. You can use any question type available for these assessments.

1. On the left menu, navigate to the Assessments > Activities tab. 

2. Click Edit and then + Add Question.

EditAssessment.png AddQuestion.png

3. Select a question type.

4. Click Add to Activity.


5. Enter title. (Students do not see title.)

6. Enter question.

7. Enter potential answers and feedback.

8. Select the correct answer. The correct answer will appear with a green-shaded mark.

9. Click Tag Learning Objectives.


10. Select the correct Learning Objective from the drop-down menu. (This menu will include all Learning Objectives previously created.)

11. Click Add. The Learning Objective will be listed with the question.



Note: Convert to Pool

If you change your mind in the future and want to use multiple forms, you can click the Convert to Pool button and move all your questions from the assessment page to a pool file. This places the questions within an assessment section, and you would follow directions for Creating Multiple-Form Assessments. If the intent in converting is to use a single question pool, you will need to be sure that the questions are outside of an assessment section after you Convert to Pool.