Review & Publish

Final Review & Publish

1. Click the link from the email you received to review the staged content, or return to the project and click the Publish icon on the left navigation bar under Deliver


2. Click Preview template (or section) on staging to review the course for final corrections. 

3. Select a publication date.

4. Click Publish. You may instead choose to Reject the plan and return to the course for further updates.


Note: Review Before Scheduling

Key items to review on staging prior to scheduling:

1. Review the table of contents.

2. Page through the course, looking for missing content or images.

3. Check links.

4. Use the navigation on the top of the page to move through the course.

Your Engagement Manager will review the request and publish the course within three business days. You will receive e-mail notification when the course has published to the production server. You will also receive notification that the project has been copied to maintenance. All changes moving forward will be made on maintenance.