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Navigate Your Course Video


My Courses

Once you have created an account and are logged in, you will be taken to My Courses. From here you can enroll in additional courses as well as access your Profile and Help.  Click on a course tile to access that course.



Course Home

Course home will always be the landing page when accessing a particular course.  From the course home, you can access the following:

  • left side navigation Course Menu
  • Assessment Settings
  • Resume Work
  • Assignments coming due
  • Course ebook
  • Profile
    • Settings
    • Dashboard
    • Gradebook
    • Help


Note: Course Feature availability - course ebook, dashboards, etc - may vary.  If you do not see an expected feature please contact support.


Course Menu

You can quickly navigate to any location in this course and return to the course home at any time using the course map that is always available on the left.



Page Controls 

While you are on any course lesson use the on page navigation Back or Forward arrows to navigate in either direction.



Course Content

Course content is separated into various levels such as units, chapters or modules.  Content levels can be expanded by using the arrows to expand the view.



Content Pages

Pages contain reading from the textbook as well as learning activities called Learn by Doing.



Course ebook

The course ebook content can be accessed via the book icon in the top toolbar.