Profile Menu: Time Zone & Password

From the Profile Menu you can adjust your time zone and reset your password

Use the Profile Menu in the upper-right corner of any Acrobatiq page and choose My Profile.    


Time Zone

  • Users accessing Acrobatiq via an LMS integration are assigned the school's course time zone by default. 
  • Users accessing Acrobatiq via are assigned to the default time zone of US/Eastern upon registration. 

All users can change their time zone by accessing the time zone setting on their profile.


Assignment due dates will reflect the user’s individual time zone setting once changed. If not changed, assignment settings will reflect the default time zone as noted above.


  • Are you using Acrobatiq with Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, or another LMS? If so, speak with your administrator about how to change your password in your LMS. 
  • Users accessing Acrobatiq via can change their password via Change Password in the Profile Menu.