Roles: Instructor & Student

Acrobatiq courseware uses the following roles: Instructor or Student. They are mutually exclusive; a user can have only one role within an Acrobatiq course. 


Instructor accounts are established during the courseware adoption and distribution process and access can be provided directly from VitalSource or via an institution's Learning Management System (LMS). The Instructor role has the following privileges: 

  • Schedule due dates
  • Assessment settings
  • Learning Dashboard
  • Gradebook
  • Answer keys
  • Profile page
  • Help


Course Feature availability - course ebook, dashboards, etc - may vary.  If you do not see an expected feature please contact support.

Instructors can view course content through the lens of individual students via View Student Work.


Student accounts are created upon enrollment via VitalSource or an institution's Learning Management System (LMS). The Student role has access to the following: 

  • All course content (EXCLUDING answer keys) subject to Instructor applied assignment scheduling
  • My Scores
  • Profile page
  • Help