Edit or remove a score

To make a change or remove a score for any assessment:

1. From the Gradebook, navigate to the item in which you wish to change a score and click the score. 

2. From the Details menu, click Edit Attempts.



3. Under Actions, to edit the score, click the edit "pencil" icon.  To remove the score and reset the attempt, click the trash can (see more below).



4. On the Change Score window, you will be able to update a score to a new percentage. Comments entered in the comments field will be displayed to students. It is recommended to add comments that describe the grade change so students understand why the change was made.  



5. Click Change score to save the changes.


If you are removing the score/resetting the attempts via the trash can, you will need to confirm the deletion via a pop up window. Once Confirm is clicked, the attempt will be removed. Confirming the action will make another attempt available to the student (if the due date for the assignment has not passed). This is a permanent action. A deleted attempt cannot be restored.





Once the change is complete, the update will display on the assessment review page. The changed score appears with a red slash through the original score.




When a score is changed, a banner appears to the student within their course alerting them to the change and including any comments made.



For most assessments, you may also change or delete student scores by selecting View Student Work from Details in the Gradebook. The steps to do so are the same as above.




  • Adjusting scores changes only the percentage allocated for the assignment. It does not adjust the original point total for the activity.
  • You have the option to make comments about the change; these comments are included with the student notification.
  • Practice Completion score is a percentage of completion and is synchronous with student work so it can not be changed.