LMS Integration FAQs

Acrobatiq supports seamless grade sync to an LMS via LTI 1.3, the latest IMS standard. Unlike proprietary LMS APIs, LTI 1.3 offers the simplified setup, workflow efficiency, compatibility, and security of an IMS standard.

Acrobatiq’s implementation of LTI 1.3 is designed for hands-free setup. Customers using a master course model can configure Acrobatiq courseware once and those settings will apply to all copied sections without any user intervention.

In addition, Acrobatiq has enhanced its gradebook capabilities to support custom point values as an alternative to its current percent-based scores. With LTI 1.3, courseware providers only have access to write to gradebooks where their software is in use.  See LMS Gradebook Sync Tool

Acrobatiq is powered by VitalSource Launch, a proven and scalable integration platform, integrated with 7000+ schools globally. VitalSource helped IMS write the LTI 1.3 standard and was one of the first companies to be LTI 1.3 certified. The VitalSource Launch platform has proven ability to provide high performance services at scale. Contact us to learn more!


Which Learning Management Systems (LMS) integrations does Acrobatiq currently support?

  • BlackBoard
  • Canvas
  • D2L/Brightspace
  • Moodle
  • Sakai

See also Integrate with VitalSource


What do students see when they access Acrobatiq courseware via an LMS?

After a student clicks the link in their LMS, they will automatically be registered in their course section. If payment or code redemption is required, students will be prompted to action. Once the student completes payment (or if payment is not required), they are placed at courseware homepage.

Can I select which assignments sync to the LMS gradebook?

Yes, instructors can select a subset of gradebook items to sync to their LMS gradebook. Once gradebook items have been selected and synced, they will appear in the LMS with the correct label and point value

Can I change the name of the assignments in my LMS?

While the name of the gradebook item/assignment can be changed in the LMS, the gradebook item name in the courseware will stay the same.

Can I select which gradebook items to sync to the LMS?

Yes, Instructors can use the gradebook sync tool to select the items that will sync to the gradebook.


What happens when I modify an assignment’s point value in the LMS?

The point value for the assignment is updated in both Acrobatiq and the LMS (after the next LTI launch from anyone into that course section).

Existing scores in the LMS are scaled to reflect point value change.

Can I add additional assignments to the LMS gradebook?

Yes, using the Acrobatiq gradebook sync tool, you can add additional assignments. Existing scores for the assignment are sent to the LMS upon sync.

Can I remove an Acrobatiq gradebook item from the sync?

Yes. You can unselect the item in the gradebook sync tool. You will also need to remove the item from the LMS gradebook.

What happens when I remove and then re add an item from the LMS gradebook?

After an item is removed from the LMS gradebook it can be added back by selecting the assignment for sync in the Acrobatiq gradebook sync tool.

Note, the LMS may now show a duplicate line item, the disassociated original and the replacement.

Can I manually send scores?

Sync any line item changes from Acrobatiq to the LMS as defined above to resend all scores for all line items from Acrobatiq to the LMS.

How often are scores synced to the LMS?

Scores are sent as they are created in Acrobatiq. There can be a delay of about 5 mins for the score to show in the LMS after an assessment is completed.

Which assignment types are eligible for grade sync?

  • Summative (tests/quizzes)

  • Hand-in assignments

  • Personal Practice 

(Practice Completed, Getting Ready, and BYC do NOT sync.)