Assessment Settings & Due Dates

In each assessment you can control the number of attempts allowed, set availability and dues dates, set time limit and allow grace period, and set exceptions for individual students. 


To use the Assignment Scheduling Tool

1. Start at the Course Home

2. Locate the assignment you want to add a due date to.


3. From the Quiz page, clock the clock icon in the top right corner.



In Assignment Settings, you can 

  1. Set Number of attempts available to student
  2. Set the start availability of an assessment
  3. Set the end availability of an assessment - setting only an end date is how you set a due date
  4. Set a Time Limit
  5. Set a Grace Period


Note: It is not necessary to add due dates to assignments. It is optional feature.

Be sure to Click Save when done.



Also see How to Set Scheduling Exceptions


Student View of Assignment Due Dates

Once you have placed a due date on an assignment, both you and your students will see an Assignments due in the next 7 days alert panel above the table of contents on the Course Home. This panel will continually update as you schedule assignments and the course progresses.


The drop down arrow on the panel opens to show all assignments due in the next 7 days. Due dates appear below the assignment name in red.  The assignment name is hyperlinked, student can click on the link to go directly to the assessment launch page. 


Scheduling information also appears with the assignment in the table of contents (for both instructors and students).




  • If an exception has been set for an individual student, the exception due date will drive the appearance of the assignment in the alerts panel for that student and the exception due date is what would appear below the assignment link.
  • The alert panel is not activated if only start dates are scheduled.