The Gradebook

Understanding the Gradebook

The Gradebook provides insight into student work. Instructors can view student scores and student answers on assessments, change scores, and access detailed assessment reports. Access the Gradebook from any course page through the Profile Menu


Gradebook Navigation Tools

The Gradebook includes a filter to select the number of student entries shown and a search field. Both of these tools help you personalize your view of the Gradebook. To view the entire class on one screen, select the interval that is greater than the number of students in your class.

The Search feature allows you to search and locate a specific student in the Gradebook. To use the tool, type a student name into the Search field and hit Enter or Return.


Gradebook Scoring

Assessment Type

Description & Features

Gradebook & Scoring

Formative Assessments Learn by Doing practice assessments embedded on lesson pages.

Not in Gradebook

Not scored

Data drives Learning Estimate and is reflected in the Dashboard.

Personal Practice Adaptive practice delivered after a unit of learning (chapter) to help students prepare for a summative assessment such as a quiz or test.

In Gradebook

Scored on completion: scores reflect the percent X/100 completed by the student

Summative Assessments Typically titled "quiz" and appear at the end of unit of learning (chapter).  Summative assessments have custom settings for attempts and scheduling.

In Gradebook

Scored on accuracy: scores reflect percentage of X/100, which is calculated by dividing the total points (items) in the assessment by the number of items a student answered correctly.

Hand-in Assignments Hand-in assignments allow students to electronically hand in an assignment to an instructor for grading.

In Gradebook

Manually Scored: scoring by instructors based on a rubric provided in the course



Exporting Gradebook Data 

You can export the Gradebook into a spreadsheet file. Once downloaded, you can open the file in Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, Numbers for Mac, or other spreadsheet software. To export the Gradebook, click the Export Data button in the upper-right corner of the Gradebook screen. 



Video: Gradebook Navigation


Student View: My scores

Student view of the Gradebook is called My scores and is accessed via the Profile Menu in the upper right.


Students are able to see their scores on all adaptive, summative, and hand-in assignments.  By rolling over the score, students can see submission data.  Students can also download their scores to an .xlsx file.


Note: Formative practice does not feed the Gradebook(My scores).