Groups allow a customer to define and assign an administrative role, the Group Administrator role, whose permissions are constrained to a defined set of projects and users, in addition to the Customer Administrator.

Customer Administrator

As Customer Admin you can:

  • Create or modify roles for the customer.
  • Create, edit, and delete Groups.
  • Add existing users and projects to groups.
  • Create, edit, and delete new projects.
  • Invite new users and add them to groups.
  • Designate Group Administrators.
  • Remove users or projects from a group.

Create and edit groups

1. On the Administrative Interface home page, click on the “Groups” tab.

2. Select "Create New Group".



3. Insert the new group name and click on "Create Group".



4. Newly created Groups will appear in the Group tab of the Administrative Interface. You can edit the name or delete an existing Group.



Add Users and Projects

To add existing users or projects to a group, select your Group from the Administrative Interface.

1. Click on the "Add Projects" button and search for the projects you want to add to your Group.

2. You can select multiple projects at a time. Click "Add Projects" at the bottom of the screen.



3. You can also remove projects from the group. Click on the more options button.



4. Now go to "Add Users" and search for the users you want to add to the group.

5. Click on "Add Users" at the bottom of the screen.



6. Designate a user as “Group Admin”. For an existing user in the group, click on “Make Group Admin”. You can also remove a user from the group.


Group Administrator

Group Admins have full permission for managing the projects and users in their group(s), and are completely self-sufficient in managing those entities.

A Group Admin can:

  • See and edit Groups where he is designated as Group Admin:
    • Create new projects within the group(s).
    • Invite new users and add them to a specific group.
    • Give user access to projects.
    • Remove users and projects from a group.
    • Edit or Remove Groups.
  • A Group Administrator is unable to see projects or users who are not associated with their group(s).