Assignments: Centralized Settings

Note: Assignment Settings availability may vary between courses.  If you do not see an expected feature in your course please contact support.


Assignment settings allow instructors to control

  • availability and dues dates for assignments
  • the number of attempts allowed for an assignment
  • time limits for an assignment
  • exceptions for individual students for an assignment
  • availability for sections of content

Assignment settings can be accessed from the Centralized Settings Page and from individual Assignment Launch Page(s).

Centralized Settings Page

Centralized Settings can be accessed via the Settings button on Course Home or via Settings in the Profile menu.


From the Centralized Settings Page instructors can view all assignments that report to the gradebook and that are “assignable” as well as:

  • Select the settings page for a different course using the Assignments dropdown menu
  • Clicking a selector button will select that assignment type in the table.
  • Set course level Allow late work.  Allowing late work permits students to submit assignments after their due date. This applies to all assignments in the course with due dates.
  • View and edit course time zone


In the assignment table, Instructors can see all current default or customized settings that have been previously set.


  • Name:
    • The title of the content section (ie. Unit or Module see Setting Content Availabilityor
    • the title of the assignment and a link to preview the assignment.
  • Type: Type of assignment
  • # of attempts: The number of attempts allowed for an assignment. NA indicates that a setting is not available for an assignment type.
  • Time Limit: Time limit set for students on a given assignment.
  • Exceptions: Indicates the number of students with exceptions set for the assignment.
  • Start Date: When a section of content or an assignment will be available to students.
  • Due Date: When student submission for an assignment is due.

Note: Column width can be modified by dragging the dividers between the columns.

Assignment Preview

  • Clicking the assignment title will open the assignment for preview in a dismissible light box over the settings page.
  • Clicking the Resume or Begin button will display the questions in the same window. After previewing, close the light box to return to the settings page.


Assignment Settings

Selecting Assignments

Instructors can set availability for a single or multiple assignments via the assignment table.


  • Using the selector buttons to select by assignment type. These buttons are additive, so instructors can select 1 or more at a time. Note: If an instructor selects a selector button for an activity type and then adds additional activities manually via the checkboxes, the selector button will deselect since a selected button indicates that this assignment type is the only thing that is currently selected; Clear button is only available when a selector button is selected.
  • Using assignment checkboxes to select individual assignments

Once assignments are selected, click Edit Selections to access the settings panel.

Settings Panel

Once Edit Selections is clicked, a settings panel slides out from the right side. 


Instructors complete the settings they wish to set and click Apply Changes. 



  • Attempts and Time limit are not available for Hand-in and Personal Practice Assignments.
  • Fields with instructor selections set prior and that differ for each assignment display as Multiple values to indicate that the selected assignments currently include settings that are different from each other. Making updates to "multiple values" and Apply changes will override any prior settings.