Types of Dashboard Cards

Three types of cards are available on the Learning Dashboard: engagement measures, learning cards and activity cards.

The Engagement Measure appears at the top and will automatically select the module where the majority of your students are working

Learning cards provide data on students' progress toward specific objectives and activities as a group or individually. The questions on these cards focus on student learning rather than their activity or clicks. 

Activity cards provide participation data. The questions on these cards focus on students' level of participation with their courseware.


Engagement Measures

The Engagement Measures will be most informative once students have been working in the courseware for several weeks.

The dials display the class average for

  • Pages visited
  • Practice done
  • Accuracy on questions
  • Time spent in the module


Learning Cards

There are six Learning Cards, each answering a specific question:

  1. Where in the course are my students having difficulty?
  2. Which activities are my students having difficulties with?


Activity Cards

There are three Activity Cards, each answering a specific question:

  1. How much practice have my students done?
  2. How often are students logging in?
  3. Where have my students spent their time?


Detailed Question View

When you click an inquiry or its card, the summary view or chart view is shown. You can access a detailed view of the data by clicking the table icon at the top left of the card. You can then perform various manipulations or actions:


  • Pare down the data based on pertinent parameters, such as population (all or selected students), time, learning objective, location in the course (units and modules), and other parameters
  • Switch between graphical and tabular views of the data
  • Filter the data when displayed as a data table
  • Export the data by printing, creating a PDF, creating a CSV-format spreadsheet, or copying the data to your clipboard so that you can paste it into an existing document or email